added color

It was nearing the end of that phenomenal sunset….. when I noticed an odd occurrence…IMG_0776_2

Yes, there’s a patch of pink reflected on the sand in the left corner, but there’s also a spot of pink shining through the hole in the rock..IMG_0774_2

This might have been where I first noticed it…  but when I tried to get a better shot….IMG_0789_2

the waves kept getting in the way….  It figures that the one time I didn’t want crashing waves, I would get them. The sun had lost the precise angle needed in subsequent shots. I suspect it only lines up exactly right to shine through that opening for a very short time each year. I’ll have to make a note of it and see if I can catch it again.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
― John Lennon


43 thoughts on “added color

    • Thank you, Sylvia. You’re always saying such nice things! Sunset colors are marvelous. I suspect sunrise would be even better if I could only manage to get my butt out of bed in time.


    • Thank you, my friend. I can’t help but agree with you about these fleeting moments of magic. It seems my camera is the key to enabling me to see these fragments of wonder.


  1. Great moments captured Gunta, having an arch nearby must be fun. Yes, always something interesting. I go out with a purpose in mind and often end up absorbed in something different.


    • Funny thing about that, but the unexpected is what generally turns out the best of all. Having the arch and the other sea stacks is like a dream come true. Not to mention the critters at minus tide, or the sea lion I encountered as he waddled toward the water one beautiful, magical evening.


      • That was fun!
        Saw something I hadn’t seen before; a seal on the flats in about a foot of water, in hot pursuit of something, likely a fish. Amazing how fast it moved even when only half submerged, hind flippers madly flapping! I was driving, alas no photos…


        • Know the frustration of driving and no way to catch some of those magic moments, but have them stored on the memory card in my head. Just hoping I haven’t reached the limit there…..


    • I totally agree. I also find that I “see” so much more whenever I have the camera along (which is very nearly always!) Then there are the things we don’t actually see until we download the images.


  2. Getting the sunset or sunrise to coincide with the tide times and the right sort of weather I’m finding problematic Gunta :neutral:. No matter when I go to the beach, if I need low tide it’s high, and if I need high tide it’s low. Then when everthing comes together just as you’d like, it’ll be pouring with rain and blowing a gale. Having the image in your mind’s eye that you want to capture is great but I’m learning that for everything to come together to allow you to capture that image, requires a great deal of patience. 😉


    • It seems my best bet has been to catch this sort of stuff by accident or sheer good luck. You DO have a tide chart handy, don’t you? I try to remember to check mine before heading out, though it doesn’t always matter. I have the shots from up high when there isn’t a lot of beach to be had. I’ve only managed to catch a few minus tides so far. I’m guessing I avoid a whole lot of frustration never really having a particular capture in mind when I head out. It seems like there’s nearly always something of interest happening out at the beach.


  3. I’m not positive 100% but it seems to me that the boulder crevasses at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur are at their
    most intriguing display during the equinoxes. Arranged, by mother nature in this case, like the
    Stonehenge. So that the opening to the sea and sky from the beach is in a perfect alignment all
    the way to dark-skied night. It makes some kind of sense, the flow of water pushed and pulled by
    the planets must perfect the carving of stone. And I am continually impressed by a photographer’s patience for the
    exact moment to click. Glad to see more of your pinks and waves.


    • It certainly would make sense about the intriguing displays at the equinoxes, though the workshop I attended was timed to catch a streak of sunset lining up with Pfeiffer Arch. Catching that bit of sun shining through my arch was pure accident (serendipity). Trying to catch it again is likely going to take a whole lot of patience and some more research and a bunch of luck for exactly the right alignment of sun and clouds, etc. I love this sort of stuff because I’m learning so much more about the sun and the clouds and the sea in all their manifestations. It’s fascinating and absorbing.


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