Day two -more driving

I’m wondering how long I can build suspense here….

Being on the road changes the usual schedule quite radically. The sounds of plumbing and car doors slamming have Sissy commenting on all of them. Enough to wake me at some ungodly hour. Then comes the decision of which route to tackle through the frenzy of the San Francisco Bay Area. I lived there for years, but these days the insane pace is more than I care to deal with. It also means there are less opportunities to shoot pictures.

I opted to skirt the North-Eastern edge of San Pablo Bay, hoping for a more sedate pace. Alas, even this area has sprouted more development than I could have imagined since the mid-70s when I’d meander what used to be back roads.

San Pablo has a Wildlife Refuge in the marshes, but with no convenient places to pull over to shoot the birds or other forms of wildlife. It looked like the best access might have been by boat. Then there was the hazy sky. I have no way of knowing if that’s become a given caused by the spread of “civilization”, or just a bad sky day as I drove through.

I was pushed along by the heavy traffic down to Seaside where I was once again back on the coast. Seaside was a shock, unrecognizable from my memory of a rather sleepy little stretch when I last saw it around the early to mid-70s. I finally arrived at my destination: the Carmel Mission Inn which was to serve as the base for the coming Photo Workshop.

This was not a photo shooting day for me. If you’re interested, the above link provides some excellent visuals of the place where I’d be staying for the next six days. However, they didn’t do justice to what greeted me as I opened the door to my room…..IMG_8897

Very bad shot, I know…. but I was mesmerized by the feeling of being under the sea with that great mural over the bed…. and the colors……

I spent the rest of the day getting settled in, taking Sissy for a walk and finding food (which had been a bit hit or miss while on the road). Not wanting to get back in the car, it was convenient to have the Barnyard Shopping Center adjoining the Inn. Great sandwiches at Eric’s Deli for lunch and a pet friendly dinner out on the patio at Bahama Billy’s. The next day begins the photo workshop……

(Whoa…  that’s probably more text than I’ve done in a week of normal blogging! 😯 )


26 thoughts on “Day two -more driving

    • Sissy slept where she always sleeps, snuggled up next to me. I never had the heart to crate train her, though it might have come in handy on occasion.
      Big city traffic and I don’t just don’t get along well these days. But you’re right about it being a bit easier on the way back.


  1. I, too, spent some quality time in the 70s up & down the West Coast. I, too, have returned recently and found the traffic a bit disconcerting. I, too, am retired, travel full time (six trips coast to coast in the last two years), and love to take pictures. Thanks for your inspiration!


    • Thanks for visiting and, most of all, for commenting. I started doing coast to coast trips back in the late 60s. Haven’t stopped to do an actual count, but it’s probably over a dozen, counting a trip in either direction. You have me beat these last years though. I’ve only done it once about a year and a half ago and it wore me out.


  2. Well what can I say about the decor? Best not say anything, I guess. 😀 Little Sissy’s conversational skills must have been great company on your journey, Gunta. Looking forward to reading all about your stay, and the workshop.


    • The decor was a bit shocking at first, but it definitely grew on me. You should go to their website for a much better look at this wonderful inn.
      Sissy’s conversational skills can be a bit limited, especially when I’m really groggy because of the early hours of the morning.


    • The mural was a bit overwhelming at first, but grew on me. The ambiance was truly great otherwise. For such a large complex, it was relatively quiet and serene and lovely. A great place to stay.


  3. Okay, hooked on all upoming chapters.
    Sissy sounds like a good pal. Big Sur Kate had a dog wander into her mountain top abode who needed some
    rescuing love and care, and I think she said she’s calling her Missy.


    • You may have noticed that I’m subscribed to Big Sur Kate. Though I commented on the dog post after you did. The 2nd shot made me think the poor thing was longing for its family. If they can’t be found, at least she seems to have found a good home.


  4. Interesting decor Gunta. I’m glad you mentioned Sissy. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be in kennels while you were away. Glad she was with you. I love the way you’re building the suspense here.. I will be patient but as I said yesterday, can’t wait to see what you have to show us. 🙂


    • I would have a really hard time leaving Sissy behind. I’ve thought of taking the train across country, but they don’t allow dogs, so no….. I’m still tempted to figure out someone to leave her with if I were to consider revisiting Latvia someday.


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