Day one…

I’m not very organized. I’m also a night owl, more likely to stay up to catch a sunrise than to wake up to greet one. So attempting to hit the road at a reasonable hour is not an easy thing for me. But it seems I did finish throwing the last minute items in the car and was on the road before noon.

I didn’t intend to stop along the way while I was still in familiar territory because I was “burning daylight” (as my husband was known to comment). But then when these guys were just standing out there in the field in all their glory….. (though the guy on the right seemed to be having a ‘bad hair day’ at the back end 😉 ). Well, how could I not?IMG_8887I’ve known for years we have elk around here. I used to find their “calling cards” out in the fields at our other house, but I hadn’t seen them for several years. It seemed only fitting to pull over and take a shot. Or two…..IMG_8889Then it was time to move on.

I resisted stopping as I headed on down the coast until this scene just pulled me to the side of the road almost against my will. IMG_8893Finally there was the following stop because I’ve been hoping to catch a lenticular cloud somewhere in my travels and this is about the closest I’ve managed it. Not the best shot, but it sure looks like one of them lenticular clouds hovering over the mountain top. It even looks like a second smaller one off to the right.IMG_8894It seemed like a good omen, though I would have preferred better lighting and a bit less haze.

Made it to Ukiah, California the first night just as it was getting dark.

Distance covered: roughly 370 miles [595 km]

To be continued…


60 thoughts on “Day one…

    • There is something about elk that seems to suggest that word majestic. They are that indeed. Thank you for the nice words, but that ocean should take most of the credit. Have you had to head north already? I bet you’ll miss the mighty Pacific. Hope all is well and your travels are safe.


  1. I have never, ever seen elk on the hoof in my travels…found an antler or two, but that’s it…wow…how fortunate. And that third shot is absolutely gorgeous…I can feel myself pulling-over, as well, from way over here. How could you drive away? 😉


    • Well, come on over, we got lots of them hairy critters. Some folks even have them in their freezer. I used to see them quite often on the road over to my favorite beach and then I went through a stretch when I didn’t. I don’t know if it was bad timing or they had moved elsewhere, but there they were again on the very day I wanted to be heading south.


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