On top of the world…

Seems like somewhere there was a challenge floating around having to do with the theme “up”…  so, I came across this shot of some folks up on one of the rocks at the beach…

IMG_1616But why think about that when all the golden lands ahead of you and all kinds of unforseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see?”

― Jack KerouacOn the Road


28 thoughts on “On top of the world…

    • I learned rather quickly that the beach shots didn’t seem quite as grand without a person to provide that sense of scale. The size of those sea stacks is beyond imagining.


    • Yes, it can certainly get that way. I sometimes think I (and my followers) might get sick of this same old beach all the time, but it goes through so many changes that it keeps me coming back.


  1. Thanks for a photo of those magnificent sea stacks proudly standing along your coastline. Those two look to be statues on top of the rock, they blend in so nicely.


  2. I like the sea stacks on the plains of sand, I’ve seen them only in passing and havn’t had the time to explore that area of the coast. Moving slowly and carefully gives awareness to avoid harming the sea creatures, but that’s difficult to encourage among the more energetic beach-goers. The quote by Kerouac is one of my favorites, thanks!


  3. I have a lovely sense of peace looking at this picture. It reminds me of holidays as a child on the west coast of Vancouver Island – and of holidays there with my own children now.


  4. It is such a beautiful place, where you live, Gunta…and while they shouldn’t be there, I do admire the figures in the image…they offer scale, of course, and demonstrate the free spirit that Kerouac inspires…. I need to read that book again…. Wonderful….


    • There are signs saying you’re not supposed to climb the rocks for fear of damaging the life forms that exist in the intertidal zones. This was taken at a very low tide and most of those rocks are out in the water at high tide. Of course, there are always those that disobey.


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