winter doldrums

The sun actually showed up for part of the day before hiding behind the clouds again…..


“I realise there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.”
― Jeffrey McDaniel


“Winter solitude-
in a world of one colour
the sound of the wind.” 
― Bashō Matsuo


35 thoughts on “winter doldrums

      • Yes, I suppose I should have clarified, but was referencing the trees…we’re having our own problem with the doldrums here…crud is laying heavy in the air making an ugly blanket cover the valley…we need some wind….. And if you were referring to figurative doldrums, aren’t you still preparing for your photography class thingamajig…isn’t that just around the corner…?


        • Ahhh…. you’re in the midst of the infamous inversions I remember not so very fondly. It brings back memories of the times we’d drive through the pass on the way to Lehi from Cedar Valley and see all that brown crud hovering over Utah Valley. My sinuses have never been the same since. My personal doldrums are likely a result of the dreary days plus being cooped up trying to sort through all the images on my hard drive. I really should have been a lot more organized when I first started scanning and shooting all this digital stuff. Trying to straighten it all out at this point has been a bit of a mess. But I’m making progress and a day or two out on the beach with a touch of sunshine should set things right again. Less than 3 weeks to go to my trip south.


          • Well I hope you get your day or two out on the beach with a touch of sunshine soon…. 🙂

            And yes, so much crud out there. My older son and I were out in the mountains today…above the crud…was very nice to be there, cleaner breathing, crisp air…I’m sure you don’t miss that junk…and probably don’t see anything like it out near the coast with all of your winds….

            Good luck with your organizing…. 😉


  1. LOVE the quote by Jeffrey McDaniel (I think I’m going to add it the quotes on my site.) It is so true and it makes one think people, sometimes, need to be just a little bit more like trees. And lovely pictures, Gunta.


    • I don’t know what sort of magic it is that leads me to the quotes, but I don’t want it to stop. Winter seems to be a bit more dark, gray days than usual and maybe a bit less rain….. but I still prefer it to summer. Personally I can’t think of a place I’d rather be than Oregon. For so many reasons.


      • Our lives are changing soon as we are going to be spending more time with Terry’s folks. It is time to offer them more assistance, so sadly we will not be returning to OR this next summer, which makes us both very sad. We can’t seem to shake Oregon so we know we will be back, perhaps to stay at some point. For now, keep sending photos our way so we can experience this beautiful state vicariously through you Gunta.


    • Definitely not a baby at that size. It was HUGE! I cropped out the lower half to keep the house out of the picture! Couldn’t resist the tangle of branches.


    • I missed a couple of sunny days at the beach because of some mundane commitments. Seems like such a waste when the dark clouds close in again. I’m thinking it may be just a tad early for the buds. But soon…… I think I did notice some over-eager bulbs peeking out just recently. Then again I’ve had roses blooming shortly before Christmas at the previous house.


    • I seem to have a knack for tripping over something that seems to fit. We’ve been having our share of overcast days when the sun hides all day, but seem to be getting a bit less rain than usual. Perhaps you’re taking some of ours? I rather miss it, but most of all I miss the days between storms when the sun and the clouds do there spectacular shows.


    • I simply appreciate the bits of sun that peeks through the dreary skies we’ve been having. We finally flirted with some freezing temps the last couple of nights, but daytime it’s back up in the 50s. It seems a bit warmer than usual, with a lot of overcast without much rain.


    • We finally managed to get below freezing the last couple of nights. That’s good for keeping the bug population down some. I find the dark days harder to take than the cold or the rain, but I would never trade for Florida’s weather – summer or winter.


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