the pause that refreshes…

I need to hit the pause button on blogging for a bit. Seems like I’ve been having a sudden increase in crashes at WordPress lately. I need to figure out what’s causing them and this might also be a good time to try to organize the thousands of images that have been piling up on my hard drive (never let it be said that I tend to stay on top of such things.)

So…  if you’ll excuse me, I may not post or comment for a (hopefully) short while…

sc00174c40Springtime in El Dorado County in the Sierra Foothills, mid to late 70s.

29 thoughts on “the pause that refreshes…

  1. Have a good break and good luck with the photo sorting! Also have a happy new year.

    Most problems with blogs are sorted by clearing the cache, disenabling the add ons you use (if any) and then reenabling them one by one, and updating the browser you use.


  2. Hey Gunta: Good luck on the technical issues–How frustrating! I will echo Luann and say that it is good to have a break for whatever reason…Take your time..relax and pat Sissy for me. 🙂 ….and Have a wonderful New Year!


    • Sadly this is going to take lots of time sitting at the computer, but then the weather hasn’t encouraged much time at the beach….. so, it seems that the heavens are aligning just right for this activity indoors.


  3. Another amazing image Gunta. For whatever reason it is nice to take a break once in awhile. I have been doing that these past couple of weeks and spending more time on me and less on the computer. It is just what I needed. Hope you get your problem resolved.


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