rainbow’s end

It was a double rainbow, but I couldn’t get to a place to get them both. Couldn’t even get the full rainbow in a single shot, but it was beautifully bright against the gray and misty sky…..

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” 
― Maya AngelouLetter to My Daughter

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down” 
― Charles Chaplin


“The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move. You could go there a hundred thousand times, and that Eskimo would still be just finished catching those two fish, the birds would still be on their way south, the deers would still be drinking out of that water hole, with their pretty antlers and they’re pretty, skinny legs, and that squaw with the naked bosom would still be weaving that same blanket. Nobody’s be different. The only thing that would be different would be you. Not that you’d be so much older or anything. It wouldn’t be that, exactly. You’d just be different, that’s all. You’d have an overcoat this time. Or the kid that was your partner in line the last time had got scarlet fever and you’d have a new partner. Or you’d have a substitute taking the class, instead of Miss Aigletinger. Or you’d heard your mother and father having a terrific fight in the bathroom. Or you’d just passed by one of those puddles in the street with gasoline rainbows in them. I mean you’d be different in some way—I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.” 
― J.D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye

(Certainly a different sort of rainbow in this quote, but a flash from the past for me!)


42 thoughts on “rainbow’s end

    • Thank you…. I’m so happy you’re liking my lucky catches…. You can’t begin to imagine how thrilled I was to spot that rainbow. Then I had to zoom around looking for a place where I could stop and shoot it. It gets a bit frantic at times.


  1. I do love rainbows, and these are really stunning, Gunta. Those gasoline rainbows in puddles used to fascinate me as a child. Don’t see them so much these days, or maybe I’m just not looking for them any more.


    • And don’t forget the rainbows you get at waterfalls…. there is something magical about the bright and beautiful colors. I just have to be careful not to run off the road in my mad attempts at catching a good shot of one as magnificent as the one above. 😉


    • I don’t know a whole lot about boating, but I believe they are channel markers. What you see there is the channel where the boats go in and out to sea.
      Here’s the scoop, thanks to google:
      U. S. Aids to Navigation System (ATON)
      Buoys and markers are the “traffic signals” that guide boat operators safely along some waterways. They also identify dangerous or controlled areas and give directions and information.


  2. Very pretty…and I love the quotes, too…especially from Catcher in the Rye…seems that’s the way of it with many things…they’re not the ones changing, we are, no matter the source or cause of the change, we’re the one who’s different when looking at or beholding some things again…and it’s amazing how those things can look so different because of how we’ve changed…. Thank you….


    • Thank you Scott. I was a bit surprised to trip over the quote from Catcher… it was a must-read for my generation back in the day. I’ve since reread it and can’t help but wonder why.


      • You’re welcome…and Catcher was one of the classics that I read when trying to catch-up on all of the things that I hadn’t read yet…and who knows why it was a must-read back then…I know/understand that it has been on a banned-book list in the past…maybe it was just a little too early for its time…smart-assed kids talking-back and acting-out? Not sure…but I enjoyed your quote, even if the context of the rainbow was strikingly different than what you shared…. I might need to read it again, just because…..


        • I can’t quite remember if my very progressive high school in my junior and senior year let us read Catcher… but when I said it was required reading, I meant that it was pretty much of a cult thing back in my era. I do know that it’s been on banned lists, which I believe usually makes a book all that much more enticing. My more recent read was actually a bit disappointing. I hate to think back to an age when I was actually all that self-absorbed. 😉


          • Oh, well that would be different…required by our peers, as opposed to being required by the school…and yes, I’ve understood, as well, that banning such books only makes them more enticing. I imagine that those would be uncomfortable memories for most of us…unless we’re still stuck there and then we probably wouldn’t notice…. A story like that can be quite a reflecting pond…….


  3. They’re always so exciting to see, aren’t they. no matter how old we are? These fantastic shots remind me of the best rainbow I ever saw – a double, like yours, that spanned the horizon while I was driving across the Nullarbor Plain. One side of its huge arch seemed to come down in the saltbush scrub just ahead and to our right and we felt sure we could reach the pot of gold at its base, so immediate did it seem.


    • I very much agree about the excitement. I was all atwitter to try to catch a shot of this one…. a little disappointed that I was too late to catch the double part and so huge I couldn’t catch the whole thing in a single image, but it was very thrilling to see it. I’m happy with the bit I did manage to capture. And then it rained and now I hear the wind howling outside. I love the beginning of the stormy season, though it can get a wee bit tiresome after it’s been hanging on for months.


    • I suspect we’ll be having grey tomorrow, too. We have a storm coming in. It started raining before I made it home and now I hear the wind howling outside. But it’s our typical weather this time of year. I’m loving it until it drags on a bit too long later on.


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