Weekly Photo Challenge: thankful

This week’s photo challenge is to Share a picture which means THANKFUL to you!
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This challenge had me stuck because I had just posted my Thanksgiving post with a beautiful sunset at one of my favorite beaches. So, it felt like I had already covered that thing that I am most thankful for. As I scrolled through recent photo images, I came across this one of Sissy leading the way into the mist. It occurred to me how thankful I am for the companionship of this amazing little pup. She brings me constant joy and brightens my days.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
― Milan Kundera


40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: thankful

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  3. That is a lovely thing to be thankful for. I grew up with dogs, including a very special one who was almost a constant companion throughout my teens. Lovely to have such a pal in those angst-ridden,tempestuous years 🙂


    • So, I shall add thanks and gratitude to my muse who supplies these magical moments for me to capture… this tribute to a dog coming from Kundera surprised me for some unexplained reason.


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  7. Love the shot and the sentiment – where would we be without our hounds? Don’t 100% agree with the Kundera quote – George can be very jealous of his sister Millie getting any attention but guess Milan meant jealousy of a more egregious nature 😉 Sorry to have been absent from your blog so long – been in a third-world country with no communication – Scotland 😀


    • I liked the sentiment and Sissy is an only “child” in this household, so we don’t have much of a jealousy problem… sorry to hear you were in exile, but welcome back. 😉


    • Sissy goes with me on nearly all of my travels. I would imagine that would be even easier to handle in an RV where you wouldn’t have to search for pet friendly motels or worry about pet compatibility when visiting friends. There have been mighty few occasions when Sissy has created a problem in anything I’ve chosen to do. Then again, judging by your recent post, it’s pretty obvious you two have each other for companionship… ♥


      • We do but a dog would be wonderful. Our biggest challenge is what to do with a dog when we embark on long hikes in National Parks. Most of these parks will not allow dogs. Perhaps when we have visited a few more NP’s and get this out of our system, we can look to a pet.


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