the great chase


The announcer at the dog shows tells me that poodles were supposedly bred to be water retrievers. The above sequence is what happened when Sissy encountered a cormorant on the beach. It headed into the water. Sissy stopped at getting her toes wet. The bird headed out into the water as Sis walked away in disgust. She definitely isn’t going to make it as a retriever. That’s for certain.

(click on the first image for a better look at the sequence)


38 thoughts on “the great chase

    • She’s been pretty much a wuss and shy around strangers (especially men) and other dogs until recently. Then yesterday, she actually growled at a larger dog who approached her on the beach. What’s with that?


      • haha, we just meant about the water but, in fact, it sounds like your time of exploration has broadened her belief in herself and perhaps she really is more sure of herself. Wouldn’t that be lovely πŸ˜‰


        • Well, I rather figured you were referring to the water, but since the recent growling episode was on my mind… actually it sort of worried me, because I wouldn’t want to see her tangle with a larger dog, but the odd thing was that the other dog backed off. The same thing used to happen with Dude, our previous poodle. They don’t seem to have a sense of comparative size, do they?


    • Like all dogs, she loves to chase anything that runs away. Back when I was still working on getting the recall down pat, she took off after some sandpipers. They just flew out ahead of her along the beach instead of flying up and away (like the gulls) or heading out into the water (like the cormorant). I thought I’d lost her for sure that day. Luckily she decided to return on her own when she was nearly out of sight.


    • Oddly enough he spirit soars when on the beach, too. She simply loves to race around in the sand. It’s just the water she’s not fond of. She loves it so much at the beach that she starts to whimper and gets all excited when we pull into the parking lot.

      And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby, too!


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