more surf and spray

A couple ofΒ random shots from previous beach walks because a trip to the Big City has me worn out…..Hazy skies, but the waves were spectacular…..


42 thoughts on “more surf and spray

    • Thanks, Phil. These past two wave posts are what prompted the question posed at your site.
      Oooooh, just heard a very unusual rumble of thunder out there. I love weather and wish I had a neighbor to teach me more about it.


    • Looks like the sun is out. Perhaps I should have headed over to the coast from Eugene yesterday. That was the original plan, but the rain wasn’t too encouraging. Might have to settle for the same old beach…. πŸ˜‰ Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. Except (something I’ve wondered about)… do us retired peeps actually have weekends? It seems mine tend to last the whole week. πŸ˜‰


    • When we first moved to Oregon, I wanted to live right on the beach, but hubby pointed out all the drawbacks…. such as far more frequent fog and much heavier winds. I’ve talked to folks who have moved a bit inland from the beach speaking of too many days without ever seeing the sun, or the corrosion of everything from being covered with a salt residue. I still dream of moving in a bit closer (I’m about 20 miles away at the moment). But I don’t think that’s likely to happen.


    • I haven’t quite made the connection yet. Awhile back, when I caught those first wonderful crashing waves at Shore Acres, there were no storms. It could have just been a storm out at sea. We’ve been getting a whole lot more of these wild waves of late. I suppose they could easily have some connection to incoming storms since many of our storms seem to come from the West.


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