Weekly Photo Challenge: foreign

This week the challenge was: Share a picture which means FOREIGN to you! 

The familiar Kentucky fried chicken from Colonel Sanders as presented in Quebec, Canada -1979. I have to admit to being surprised at this fast-food franken-chicken delight showing up in the French Province. I expected better standards. Then again it did make Canada seem far from foreign. 😉  Though, to be honest, I still can’t quite manage to think of Canada as foreign.


47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: foreign

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      • Yeah Canada is a head scratcher.
        Here in the south, besides fried food, you are issued a dog and a pack of cigarettes immediately upon crossing over the state line.
        They used to hand out pick up trucks but it turned out most everybody already had one.


  2. So, they tried incognito in Canada did they?! They’ve just hit rural France and we suspect they’re not doing as well as they might have hoped. MacDs have just closed their only outlet in our local town and opted to instead add a second drive thru on the ring road – wonder what that says?


    • It would seem to indicate your town’s good sense if they chase the buggers out of the country altogether! It’s always astounded me, that of all the things we could have chosen to export, it just had to be everything that fast-food and Coke represents. Finally there seems to be a growing movement toward slow food here and i can only say it’s high time.


    • I got to thinking about the “incognito” bit in your comment and it brought some of the back-story to mind. This trip through Canada was during the time when the French-Canadians were agitating for recognition. The anti-English sentiment was running pretty high. I can remember stopping at restaurants or motels and the locals would be a bit snotty until they discovered I was from the States and not a Canadian who couldn’t speak decent French. Then, apparently, I was OK.


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