gulls of Bandon

Today was a long day on the road (6+ hours), but Cirque du Soleil was every bit as much fun as I expected, so it was well worth it…. (HERE is a video clip of the show I went to)

So I thought I would toss together this slideshow of my favorite goofy characters on the beach.

Again…. a click will take you to slideshow


37 thoughts on “gulls of Bandon

  1. Growing up with a keen yachtsman for a father, I had more contact with many varieties of gull than most. I think my favourite has to be the kittiwake. But the little black headed gull we have in the Solent here is pretty also.


    • I’m struggling to learn more about all the gull variations. Seems like I couldn’t pin them down unless I had pictures of them. That’s not such a problem anymore. I love their crazy antics.


    • Actually…… what started this photo session was the treats I was giving the pup as we worked on the recall command. The gulls were very nearly trying the snatch the little doggy biscuits from my hand or from the dog. They sure are some feisty beggars. But I still enjoy watching their antics.


      • They are indeed feisty beggers. I’ve seen one snatch car keys off someone’s beach blanket and fly off with them. Getting about 100 yards out over the ocean the gull decides they are not anything good and drops them in the water.


        • Oh, that must have been fun! (not) Or perhaps it was retribution for not providing treats. Sounds like yet another good reason to wear my keys on a lanyard at the beach. 😉


    • I had seen Cirque on DVD ages ago and have wanted to see a live show for a really long time. Then last year it came to Eugene and I got to see Dralion. I enjoyed it so much, I went again this year to see Quidam. I think I liked this one the best (so far)!


    • I had seen several Cirque shows on DVD, but always wanted to see them live. Then last year they finally came to a city reasonably close to me and I got to see Dralion. I loved it so much, I decided I’d go see Quidam this time. I’m glad I did because I enjoyed Quidam even more than the first one. I can’t imagine what Sissy might have thought in the car in the parking garage. The music is so loud at times, it felt like it was reverberating in my chest. I bet she could hear it even tho the garage was detached from the arena. Next time I’m bringing earplugs for me. I wonder if they make them for dogs? 😉


    • I’ve watched quite a few of the shows on DVD, but it’s incredible seeing it live. Except next time I need to bring earplugs. I’m getting too old to tolerate the loud volume.


    • The show was spectacular. I’m glad I could provide the bird show. I bet you have gulls in your area. I’m thinking they are the one bird we are bound to have in common.


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