this one’s for Newsy

sunset at Table Rock … son of Newsy’s Table Mountain

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41 thoughts on “this one’s for Newsy

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        • While I tend to agree and will likely stick to my original layout for the most part, I can see certain occasions, like this one, where I like the gallery and/or slideshow option. I think it has a lot to do with the sort of image I’m posting, or how much detail is involved…. if that makes any sense?


          • Yes, it makes sense…and after WP’s having changed the gallery into this mosaic, or at least providing it as an option, it does look appealing and is something that I might consider occasionally, too, especially if I have a bunch of photos…..


    • Thanks, Sylvia. The sunsets lately have been wonderful. Hoping Sandy doesn’t create any upsets for you! I have friends in DC and New England preparing for her arrival.


  2. Just gorgeous Gunta. I particularly like the shot with the sun setting to the left behind the small rock. The combination of blue sky and the yellows and oranges from the sun is just wonderful and then to have this reflected in the sand is the icing on the cake. Brilliant. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Chilly. I rather liked that one myself. I totally enjoyed the sunset that evening. I do have to chuckle at your referring to the “small rock” though… that thing is humongous when you get closer. However, given the wide angle, it does look pretty puny. There’s been some pretty spectacular sunsets, while our East Coast is hunkering down for a hurricane.


      • I heard about the hurricane from Sylvia’s post. Lets hope it swings out to sea or blows itself out. We usually get the last vestiges of the hurricanes here. They travel up the east coast and then swing across the Atlantic. I’ll be batterning down the hatches whilst getting ready to get out and take pictures early next week.


        • We don’t get hurricanes on our coast, or at least they don’t call them that. What we do get are some pretty wild storms with wind gusts in the hurricane range, knocking down trees and roads falling off into the ocean (when the ground is saturated). It’s all fun and games. I’m just far enough from the coast (roughly 20 miles) so i don’t get the full force… usually. But I’m keeping an eye on Sandy because of Sylvia and friends living further up the East Coast. Our forecasters are saying it should hit landfall further north of Sylvia.


    • What a great image… I hadn’t thought of a whale blowing! That’s simply perfect. It looks more like Table Mountain at certain angles, depending how far down the beach I’ve traveled.


    • You’re very welcome. These days I can’t help but think of your Table Mountain whenever I glimpse our rock. The sunsets have been pretty exuberant celebrating something, could be autumn. Or just making up for the cloudy days that show up in between.


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