rainbow & sun dog

The only rainbow I’ve caught lately. It wasn’t very bright and it didn’t last very long, but it was a rainbow. I’ll take it for now.But I did get a sun dog (a colored patch of light to the left or right of the sun, 22° distant and at the same distance above the horizon as the sun).  It’s there below and a bit to the left of center.Here’s a closer look. This one was real. It wasn’t an artifact caused by some aberration in the lens. I could see it with my eyes.

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38 thoughts on “rainbow & sun dog

  1. The sweeping vista of the first photo is grandiose – the other two are very nice – but the first just captures. It really seems painted, like a watercolour. Stunning use of nature to create a mood.

  2. Excellent scenics Gunta, and that’s great to see and hear you reference ‘sun dogs’ which are caused by frozen ice crystals in the high cold clouds.
    My friend is a TV weather guy so I get all sorts of interesting weather facts. :D

  3. Great photos Gunta. I had never heard of a sun dog before and was, quite literally, expecting to see a picture with a dog in it (lol). Thanks for the lesson. :)

    • Thanks, LuAnn. I had heard of them, but never saw one before. I think they’re a little harder to spot than rainbows. You more or less have to be looking toward either side of the sun as it sinks close to the horizon. It was actually a lot prettier than what shows in the pictures… more like a big blob of rainbow.

    • Thanks, Chilly. I’ve come a bit close to having a wreck trying to pull off the road to catch a rainbow. This one was a surprise as I turned to look behind me (as you once suggested) :) Pity it wasn’t brighter and didn’t stick around a bit longer. (Never satisfied, am I?)

    • Rainbows make me smile. The clouds were pretty impressive tonight, too. You’ll be seeing more in later posts, but I was just so fascinated by that sun dog. I think I get all carried away by clouds and strange things that happen in the sky.

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