muted autumn colors

Took the scenic route on the way home today…..I never get lost. I just end up taking an ‘alternate route’. The majority of our trees are conifers, or evergreens, so our autumn colors are less exuberant than other places. Reds are rare except for the occasional vine maple or imports planted in a landscaped yard. The overcast skies probably added to the rather somber tints.A cute little creek near Gravelford Road…  it will undoubtedly swell to greater proportions once those cloudy, overcast skies really let loose.This is the scenery you miss if you stick to the highways…Farms nestled in the valleys between the foothills of the Coastal Range.Some of our farm country where “Century Farms” (those that have been operating for at least a century) still seem to keep going in spite of competition from Corporate Farming (Agri-Business) practices….  These are some of our Organic Valley (co-op) farms bringing you milk from happy cows without the growth hormones and antibiotics and all that other nasty stuff.

Got Milk? 😉


44 thoughts on “muted autumn colors

      • Very lovely…and I am pretty sure I remember some people grumbling about the rain…somewhere in the past several months…so I’m glad to hear that you do enjoy it…I rather enjoy it, myself, too…and enjoy the “novelty” of having snow again…with its accompanying beauty, the cold, etc…. 🙂


        • Busted! I do tend to mutter a bit when either rain or sun hang around for too long. I’m just watching the local weather and can’t believe we’re already getting the white stuff on some of the higher elevations. That seems a bit early.


          • Hmm…just a little…but you have had a few admissions, too, of enjoying the rain, despite your muttering. 🙂

            We had rain for about three minutes this afternoon, but the mountains look like they may have had it for a bit longer…and we’re supposed to get rain for the next three days…so I hope we do…which should bring the white stuff to our higher elevations, too…hoping, hoping…. And I don’t think it will be too early if it happens here….


    • I’ll leave the light on for you! 😉

      Actually, we are approaching my favorite time of year here. Summer brings the marine layer (fog and wind) and tourists! Some of the best days I’ve enjoyed here have been around January-February… though, of course, there are plenty of cloudy, rain-soaked days between the lovely ones, but I enjoy the variety.


  1. Oh much better with all the evergreen I think – makes in much more attractive, and in winter much nicer too. Great farms. In Switzerland the small farmers used to feed the cows cannabis plants that grew naturally. They had REALLY happy cows! Also best and bountiful milk. Still…it had to be stopped!


  2. What a breathtakingly beautifu,l scenic route, Gunta. I wouldn’t mind getting lost around there, as long as you were there to show me the way home again. 🙂 I love the thought of “happy cows.”


  3. Oh Gunta, how lucky can you be. such glorious countryside and wonderful photos. We don’t have anything like it immediately round here but the patchworks of vines as they turn red, orange and brown is a beautiful sight 😉


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