another Pacific sunset

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  — Dr Seuss



32 thoughts on “another Pacific sunset

  1. Absolutely beautiful…and it has such a different character when the waves are up and dancing like this, as opposed to the calm in the earlier photos…wonderful, Gunta. 🙂


    • The previous posts were shot in a more protected cove….. if you remember the solitary figure in one of the shots, he was standing out on a reef that keeps much of that turbulence out of that “Sunset Bay”. The beach in the above shot pretty much faces out directly on the open sea. Granted, there has been a bit more wave or surf action lately. Haven’t quite figured out why just yet. But it’s just wonderful experiencing all the various moods of the Pacific Ocean (which isn’t quite as Pacific as might be expected from its name.)


      • I think I’ve mentioned this before, pretty sure I have, but as much as I love my mountains and everything that they contain, there is something nearly stupifying and beyond words about your beaches with their living waves…. Lucky you! 🙂


        • Lucky me, indeed. It’s not something I take for granted. But I know precisely what you mean, having lived and enjoyed those very same mountains for some 14 years. They are wonderful, but I did miss the living waves (what a wonderful, apt description!)


          • I know you don’t take it for granted, not in the least…and you even love your gloomy skies. 😉 I hope my life can settle somehow, but if it doesn’t, I have a very good idea of where I’d like to be…and it’s not Anywhere, Arizona!


    • Some of it is location. Yesterday was taken at a cove called Sunset Bay and it was a minus tide. You couldn’t see the breakers out beyond the spit that forms the bay. This beach at Bandon is usually a bit rougher, but I have to agree it was more agitated than usual and it was closer to high tide. I love the ocean in all of its moods though…..


    • The sea has certainly been restless of late and the sunsets a bit more ‘interesting’. It draws me out to the beach when I should be doing more mundane things. 😉


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