Bandon Marsh Restoration

The story behind creating more birds for me to photograph…..  and a look at some of the beauty and serenity we’re recreating in our little corner of the planet.


21 thoughts on “Bandon Marsh Restoration

    • I take the back road that follows along the river every so often. I think I need to time it with high tide one of these days. It’s hard to tell just yet from the road how much of the marshland has been reclaimed, but going along the river is where I’ve snapped some of my better bird shots. The Great Egret was just one I caught recently. I would sure love to see more birds returning to this area. Heaven knows they’ve been losing so much of their habitat. Sad to say, there is some rather loud opposition to this project. I haven’t dug very deep into all the politics of it, but I have a hard time seeing what the fuss is about.


    • If nothing else, it provides a bit of background for this area I visit and photograph so often… I love to see them doing this restoration. Of course there are some farmers or landowners attempting to obstruct the project, even though it doesn’t actually infringe on their land.


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