the magic hour

We’ve been having some interesting sunsets lately…..the remains of the day…


44 thoughts on “the magic hour

    • 😉 The remains of the haze seem to be creating some pretty fantastic sunsets… and I’m beginning to get a feel for where I need to be with different situations.


      • Makes me want to pack my bags right now…don’t know which one I prefer, although…something about the trees in silhouette with that huge ocean nearby really speaks to me…so wonderful. I’ll look forward to more shots like these, as you’re figuring it out…. 😉 Lovely photos, Gunta, truly….


    • This scene helped to soothe the puny way I’d been feeling for sure…. and you get credit for bringing those moments after the sun dips below the horizon to my attention. I think I’ll get around to posting the shots of the sun as it sinks into the ocean next, but these two were hands down favorites….


    • I’ve noticed that a lot of folks leave as soon as the sun dips below the horizon, but sometimes there’s that lovely afterglow that makes for even better images.


    • Thanks. I totally have to agree that we get some pretty spectacular sunsets. Sometimes I think the Oregon Coast official flower ought to be a camera mounted on a tripod. 😉


    • I did a very short stop at Bullards (near the Lighthouse) on Saturday to let the dog have a bit of a run since she’d been cooped up so much while I recovered from the flu. Yesterday I opted to go to Sunset Bay, near Charleston. That’s where the above shots were taken. But…. if you see an old lady with a small black poodle, that’s me….. 😉


  1. there’s such a healing feeling in the act of self abandonment – with a scenery like that one just wait for the tongue of sunset to lap the body and swallow it


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