autumn color

The fuschia’s been blooming like crazy….

The raspberry leaves that someone’s been chewing on are painted from a varied palette….

and Rachael…. ย this one’s for you. I didn’t see the little guy in the bottom right corner until I went to post this. Is either critter (creepy-crawler) familiar to you?


22 thoughts on “autumn color

    • Thank you…. don’t know about the cultural influence. Could be the pagan influence I suppose, though I have plenty of Lett friends who could care less for scenes or images like these.


    • I also adore Fuschias. I have yet to figure out why most purple colors don’t come out right for me. The inside of the fuschia bud is actually almost a plum (though not the bright purple I see most often), but in this shot it looks the same as the outer leaves. The spider was intended for Rachel who seems to like the little creepy-crawlers and features them quite often at her blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Ya think? The little one almost looks like a mosquito to me, in which case I’d say it could be a good thing…. that which is in store. Maybe I should just let all the cobwebs be? Amazing the drama that goes on out there!


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