Weekly Photo Challenge: happy

This week’s photo challengeShare (many) pictures in a gallery which mean HAPPY to you! 

I can’t think of too many things that make me happier than being out there snapping pictures…. though my head is still a bit too foggy to deal with creating this gallery thing just yet…Western Grebes floating amidst the sparkles in the Coquille RiverThe Great Egret wading along the edge of the river, searching for lunch.
(can you believe that looooong, skinny neck?)
Can’t overlook the ubiquitous gull shot…  perched on driftwood near the North Jetty of the Coquille River. That’s the horn buoy in the background. There wasn’t any fog, but apparently the haze was bad enough to set it to belching out its mournful song…..


45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: happy

    • Thanks Rachael. It seems your preferred critters are so much smaller and harder to catch though…. I had a lot of fun trying to get the spider shot. The last place I lived (closer to the woods) had a lot more variety and some truly creepy looking spiders.


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    • Thanks, Nancy… the sparkle was what caught my eye first, but then I noticed the birds. I stopped on a narrow little two lane road with nowhere to pull off to catch that shot…. it’s what I love about the boonies. If another car had come along (it didn’t), they likely would have just gone around me… 😉


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