going missing

We may interrupt this program for a bit…while we clear out something that feels like a gathering storm that’s settling inside my head. Outside, it’s sunny and clear…  still no rain in sight. But dropping near 32° F (0°C) at night. Seems we’re having some strange weather….  inside and out. You’ll excuse me while I attempt to sleep this one out. 😦


34 thoughts on “going missing

    • I wonder if I could get that dram delivered? The beach, these last weeks has been miserable cold and the wind has been wicked nasty…. though sunny and warm just a few meters away from the shore. I’m thinking that might have been what done me in.


    • Taking your advice here…. and I straightened out the horizon just now (especially for you!) I notice you let this one slide since it seemed to reflect the way I felt.


    • Thanks for the good wishes. I’m working on feeling better. Doing a lot of sleeping. I did intensify the photo a bit, making it more foreboding to match how I left. Currently, though, we’re having nothing but sunshine (though nights are getting pretty chilly).


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