sunset glow

Simpson Reef seems to be a good place to catch the sunsets this time of year. The reef is where the sea lions hang out (you can hear them barking for at least a mile away.)This location is a couple of miles South West of Sunset Bay where the sun seemed to have shifted out of sight at this time of year. I’ve caught some beautiful sunsets there on previous occasions.  Sunset Bay was also where the weird furry critter appeared in the previous post.The afterglow once the sun had disappeared. If you look closely you can also spot the sea lions in silhouette on the rocks. There’s one just below and to the right of center that looks like he’s playing King of the Mountain.


23 thoughts on “sunset glow

    • A little something for everyone. I thought of your funny photos when I got that weird costume on the beach in the previous post. It didn’t quite measure up to your Turks, but it’s weird enough for Oregon. 😉


    • Thanks LuAnn. That’s funny because I did that post from Simpson Reef not long ago where the group of folks from France, riding Harleys stopped and I let them use my zoom to look at the sea lions. It’s a shame that the telescope there was vandalized so people couldn’t use it.


    • Yes, just being there is soothing to the soul…. there’s just something about the waves and the surf that has a calming effect on me. Did not like being away from that when I lived in Utah. Though I have to admit the mountains have their own sort of beauty, but not quite the same in my mind.


    • For once the fog bank wasn’t sitting there blocking the sunset. Keep wondering if some of the color isn’t helped by smoke from all the fires we’ve had this summer. I zoomed in on that ‘king of the mt’ and there seems to be a face off with another to the right. They are so much fun to watch!!! 😉


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