dark and broody skies

There seems to be a touch of autumn in the air….


25 thoughts on “dark and broody skies

    • I love storms up to a point. I remember one last winter when I had to drive to Bandon when the wind was bending the trees down alongside the road. I was worried about having a tree fall on me. But there’s an undeniable excitement to these storms that is pretty thrilling.


    • Thank you so much. I can’t remember now if it was you or Ingrid who mentioned that WordPress had dropped my posts, but I see I’ve missed some of yours somehow. I may have to unfollow you and sign back on again. I think that worked in a previous situation like this.


  1. I want me some rain!
    YES, it is me again!!!! can you believe it? did you think we had disappeared from this planet?
    Amazing photos Gus, do you do portraits? maybe we come to you to get our family pictures taken. 🙂


    • I’m wanting rain, too. It’s been months, but unlike you, we should start getting it pretty soon and then I’ll be wanting it to quit after several more months of drippy skies. No….. I do really lousy with people shots. You would not want me to do family pictures at all.


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