Rogue River Jet Boat

Things did not start auspiciously since I held up everyone’s departure by misreading the sign which had me searching for the dock on the north bank (wrong side) of the river….I suppose this shot could be labeled “lost in the fog”…Heading out under the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge on the Rogue River- one of the original eight rivers named in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. Obviously that’s not the boat I’m sitting in.Along the North Bank of the Rogue River… steep banks, lots of trees…Lots of fishermen, boats, rafts, you name it…..I think the black socks are really cool… (a closer look suggests they may be something special for river wading with the velcro looking straps to keep the shoes from getting sucked off. I’m not familiar with this stuff.)I was in a boat exactly like this, except mine was blue instead of red…Some nice reflections along the river bank…A River runs through it…

I’ll finish the trip in the next post…. 😉


27 thoughts on “Rogue River Jet Boat

    • Thanks LuAnn… for starters, Oregon has such a lot of bridges… but most of the ones along the coast were designed one engineer in the 1930s. My favorite is the one in Newport.


  1. I’m sure you made a grand entrance, Gunta, even if a little late. Black socks don’t show the dirt. Very sensible indeed. 🙂 There’s some beautiful scenery along the way, and I just love that “A river runs through it” photo. Now you’ve made me think of Kevin Bacon’s eyes. 😆


    • Yah, I am pretty lucky… except I could have done without the getting lost part. 😦 How embarrassing to have a whole boatload of folks sitting there waiting for you to arrive.


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