Close encounters

There I was at Simpson Reef near Charleston, Oregon…with the evening fog drifting in… and the sunlight hiding behind the mistattempting a few shots of the barking sea lions out there….(can’t imagine living in a mob like that one)when I heard the unmistakeable roar of some Harleys over the loud barking of the sea lionsjudging by the emblems on the leather jackets, they were a group from FranceI gave them all a chance to look at the sea lions through my zoom lens and they agreed to a picture.In case any of you haven’t already figured it out, I don’t do well with people shots generally. Wish I could have learned a bit about what they were doing, where they had been or where they were going, but they didn’t seem to speak any English and my high school French has been gone with the wind for many ages now…
Je ne comprends pas

What an adventure. Sadly I think my motorcycling days are over….


32 thoughts on “Close encounters

  1. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous experience. Gorgeous photos… I no longer drive a car so I know how you will miss the freedom of your moto cycle.


    • Truly you should get out more. If nothing else I love to check out all the license plates of cars around here to see where our tourists are from. Another week or so and the crowds at the beach should start thinning out. Time for the locals to start enjoying the better weather! πŸ˜‰


  2. Imaging having such a close encounter with both a bunch of sea lions and harleys, and both roaring. πŸ˜‰ Your photos are so great Gunta. Especially the landscape that looks so impressive in your photos. But I also liked the french-pictures. Your are great with humans too… πŸ™‚


    • It certainly was a fun encounter! Thank you for commenting and the sweet compliment about my human pictures. The landscape makes photos too easy. It is a gorgeous part of the country.


  3. That final shot is breathtaking…..nice shots of the visitors…..I love looking at all the patches and detail on the biker’s jackets…..WOW…I can only imagine how much fun they must be having touring the West Coast with their friends on bikes….


  4. That seal colony certainly does look like “mob.” I wonder how they tell one another apart. πŸ™‚ I love that Harley sound…….once in a while. Your last photo is absolutely stunning.
    PS: What is your time difference there? I’m wondering if you ever go to bed. πŸ™‚


    • Oh I do, I do have that marvelous ocean out there. It rarely, if ever, disappoints. Thought the fog was going to ruin the sunset, but you just never know what it’s going to do.


  5. Whenever I mention to someone that I still have a motorcycle endorsement on my drivers license (lord knows I would be foolish to think I would remember HOW to manage it all) they look at me in astonishment and it feels like my stature with them rises. Funny.


    • I almost killed myself on a Vespa when I was about 20- sweaty hands on a clutch shot me out into the middle of an busy intersection, so never had the guts to drive one myself. But hubby and I drove many miles and many places on one. I still have a streak of envy whenever I see one.


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