My ‘Capture the Colour’ photos

The travel site TravelSupermarket is running a contest to ‘Capture the Colour’.

They say. ” a picture paints a thousand words. Well, rather than asking you to write a five thousand word blog post, we’re inviting you to produce a blog post with up to 5 photos that really do ‘Capture the Colour’… the 5 colours Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.”

I was nominated by adinparadise to do this challenge which ends on August 29th. I have to nominate 5 other bloggers, and time is fast running out. I’m even cheating a bit and copying the previous introduction from her post. (I won’t even correct to our American spelling for colors! 😉 )

First off BLUE:Clear skies and minus tide creates BLUE above and below. This was taken about a month ago at Coquille Point, Bandon, Oregon. Here’s a link to the post where it appeared among other images of very blue skies … click here

Next up GREEN:Oregon is nothing if not green. This was taken last summer on a stroll when the intense green of these cedar leaves caught my eye.

Next is YELLOW:Mustard flowers taken near Silverton State Park, Oregon this past May. They surely brightened up a rather moody overcast sky.

Then there’s WHITE:Something from the old archives….  a puff of white dandelion

and finally RED:A sea star taken the same day as the blue entry during a minus tide at Bandon, Oregon.

My five nominees for this challenge are:




Jo Bryant


To find rules and suggestion for this competition, click HERE.  Good luck to you all if you take up the challenge. Sorry it’s such short notice.


42 thoughts on “My ‘Capture the Colour’ photos

    • Thanks…. as for entering: no worries, no pressure. I do apologize for such short notice with the deadline being tomorrow, but I only got the thing myself yesterday.


  1. Hey Gunta! It’s short notice and you whipped those up like a pro…I however, am a hack with a old camera. I don’t think I can get it together in time. It does make for a terrific blog post though. ( look for it in the future) Thanks for thinking of me. I think it’s a really fun idea. 🙂


    • Hey, I just figured color would be one you’d enjoy. I’m so sorry about the deadline crunch, but I only got mine yesterday, too. It helped to have stuff in the archives.


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  3. So well done on the 5 colours theme, Gunta. You rose to the challenge admirably. That field of mustard gave my eyes such a shock, as I scrolled down. 🙂 Your “blue above and below” photo is just stunning too. Your sea star was a really lucky find. I love them all. Good luck for the competition.


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