on the way back home

There’s just something about the silhouette of a lone tree that speaks to me… the pink skies were just a lovely bonus.The fog bank follows me and turns a brilliant shade of pink as I head inland.Β Peaceful pastures (though the clearcuts are pretty easy to spot in the distance 😦 )I suspect this is where some would be wanting HDR… but I like the added drama to the blazing pink without distraction from the foreground (though I could do without the power lines).


34 thoughts on “on the way back home

  1. Could you photoshop-out the powerlines or would that seem like ‘cheating’? I used to do that with most of my photos but lately can’t be bothered unless it’s a particularly spectacular shot.

    HDR can be very good but I do think that it’s overused these days. Too much of a good thing, really. I like to see shadows and depth, a lot of HDR loses both.


    • I don’t feel very strongly about ‘cheating’ but this was one of those cases where I couldn’t quite be bothered as you said, though I sort of wished I had after I posted. Totally agree about HDR being so overdone these days, but it’s probably a new ‘toy’ for many folks. Having said that, there are places where I’d be tempted if I had the time or patience to figure out the technique.


    • It’s High Dynamic Range, a post-processing technique that has become popular (or possible thanks to digital cameras and software) that would have evened out the exposure of the dark foreground without overexposing the colors in the sky. I haven’t played with it, but there are situations where it would surely be helpful. The problem I see is when it’s overdone, the result is rather disturbing in my opinion. I’ll send you an example the next time I trip across one.


  2. I feel the same way about lone trees. They are few and far between in my neck of the woods but I am always scoping for them when I am out and about. Incidentally, I am not very enamoured with HDR for landscape photography. It so often seems to be overdone, screaming HDR at me rather than letting the landscape speak.


  3. Adore that first shot of the tree, looking through the grasses in the foreground – the pink lighting was very considerately created for you. Are the clearcuts against fire? Guess with all the pine trees around it must be.


    • I left the beach because I could tell that the sun was going to get lost in the fog bank and then there was all that pink in the sky on the way home. That was a gift.
      This is logging country. The clear cuts are for the sawmills. Lumber used to be the primary industry around here.


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