random shots from the beach

This little cove is usually quite dry at low tide…Looking South to the beach I frequent most often. In the foreground is the opening in the cliffs to get to the northern end of the beach at high tide.The beach that appears after climbing through the previous opening. The river jetty is just visible in the distance. It’s also the location of the lighthouse I’ve shown in previous posts.Here you see my major excuse for the trips to the beach. The goal is to be able to climb the stairs without having to stop to catch my breath. There are far easier approaches to the beaches, but I needed motivation to get back into shape. At the top of the bank is where many of the photographers perch to catch the sunset. There are fewer brave souls who venture down to the sand. If the fog is really thick out at the horizon, I think the images are usually better from on high.Β Just to the right of the huge boulder is a kid I encounter fairly often. He must be in some sort of training because he races up and down those stairs a number of times. That’s what I’m aiming for…. πŸ˜‰


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