evening beach stroll

Looking NorthWest from the cliffs above the beach, a boat heads out to sea from between the jetties protecting the outlet of the Coquille River. You can begin to see the hint of crazy clouds (forming at the top right corner) which you’ll see in the following image.I’m rather blown away by these two shots taken about a minute and a half apart. The clouds appear to come sailing in from out of nowhere. A closer look at the info details (the “numbers” as I call them) suggests it’s a matter of focal length. I believe those are the numbers associated with what a zoom does.

The first shot is rated 55 mm (zooming in for a closer look); the second is 18 mm (thus backing away, giving a much wider view).

I’ve never paid any attention to the numbers. Going way back to my very first SLR (without the Digital component), this photography thing has always been pretty much intuitive for me. Even back before autofocus, seeing the actual image I was about to shoot was quite enough for me. As for exposure, the little meter widget in the viewfinder sufficed to tell me all I needed to know as well.

To my delight, I am now able to pull up the numbers to compare shots after I’ve downloaded the pictures… as in the above two shots. Who knows, I may learn something yet?Looking SouthWest from the same spot – (40 mm)

I may need to look around for a “theme” that provides the numbers automatically.


30 thoughts on “evening beach stroll

    • That it is. I had never paid much attention to the details, but being able to see the numbers alongside the results might bring about a learning experience. Even if I’m dragged along kicking and screaming. 😉


    • OMG… went to the beach this afternoon. The fog was thick enough to cut and the wind almost blew me and the pup away. Couldn’t take more than a few minutes of it. But the mild to non-existant breeze the day of these shots was delicious. I feel sorry for all the folks who came today in the cars with license plates from far off states and Canada. Not the best vacation weather.


    • Thank you ever so much for all the lovely compliments, but honestly, I’m pretty much a point and shoot photographer myself. I generally run the camera on the auto settings and certainly can’t be bothered with a tripod. About the only advantage I really like with the fancy camera is the interchangeable lenses for things like the bird shots. I think it would cease being fun if I had to fuss with all the settings and such.


  1. Stunning photos yet again I’m just beginning to follow my new passion of photography, so just using the auto settings at the moment. Then I upload and use automatic editing. Just beginning to experiment. But I am loving every moment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Blessings from Lizzie Joy


  2. 4:30am here now and been up for more than ah hour doing flood damage control and will blog about that later. Beautiful shots. Play around with the zoom actions and you will soon get the hang of it. Oh, do I miss the old 35mm SLR.


    • Hope the flooding stays under control! The one thing I don’t miss about the old 35 mm is waiting to get the pictures back and the cost of developing. I’m quite happy with the tradeoff… or the trade up. Just stay warm and dry!!!


  3. I sure wish we lived closer….since I am now…trying to figure out all those numbers and how they compare to one another….and what dials I need to set and turn to get the consistency I am hoping for…LOL it seems one thing always leads to another…eh….But…I am seeing a lot of ‘growth’ in your shots….really, really nice work Ms “G”


    • It’s probably sacrilege, but I’d suggest ignoring the numbers for now. I do. It’s only when you encounter situations where the auto features won’t do what you want them to, that you’ll need to start exploring options. 😉


    • I never used to pay attention either, but the digital camera makes it so easy. I figure it can’t hurt me to learn something new every once in awhile. But I agree that it’s all about the visual… the sparkle on the water… etc


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