back to our regularly scheduled program

Virtually no fog or wind made it warmer than usualApparently the water was warm enough for some serious wadingEven the sun was playing in the water

Setting up for some serious photography…So many photographers… I couldn’t begin to count all the tripods set up on the bank, awaiting the sunset.

To be continued…


26 thoughts on “back to our regularly scheduled program

    • It certainly does invite a lot of photography. My problem is I can’t be bothered with the tripod. I tend to be a lot more opportunistic as I walk along with the pup. Seems I’d take the fun out of it if I started taking it too seriously.


    • We’ll be happy to see you! Just a warning…. summer is often a time of more wind and fog right on the coast. Some of our best weather can come in between early winter storms. I did a trip south along the coast last February when the weather was simply idyllic. Drop me a line if you’d like any suggestions…


        • Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. It’s not a permanent basis. I believe some of our most delightful sunny days seem to come between our winter storms. I just don’t cope well when the sunshine brings the hotter temperatures in the summer. I love the fog to cool things down this time of year and we get plenty of it right on the beach. Then, too, the fog pretty much sticks right to the beach for the most part. You don’t have to go far inland to find plenty of sunshine.


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