over my head




Canadian Geese


27 thoughts on “over my head

  1. The pictures get better and better until you reach the last one… home run 🙂 I think having some rocks in the background gives the frame some form of anchor… I’m talking too much… have a great day 🙂


    • No, Bashar, you’re not talking too much. I agree about the sequence and the last one being the home run. Thing is when I’m shooting while they fly overhead, there really is no time to line up the perfect background. It was pure luck to catch them and even better luck that they flew over in the direction of the cliffs. I wasn’t even sure what I had until I downloaded the series. When I pulled up that last one, it blew my socks off. You have a great day, too!


  2. Lovely shots – favorite has to be the last one with the rocks framing their ascent. My mother is on the migration path for these glorious birds Iin south west Scotland). You can walk out and see a field with every last inch covered by them as they rest.


    • The last was my favorite, too. Again, I can hardly believe my luck walking on the beach tonight I saw the string of them (5) flying toward me and just happened to have the longer lens on. Just snapped away as they flew right overhead. Didn’t really know what I had until I got home and downloaded. I remember being near a field years ago where there were hundreds of them…. the cacophony was simply marvelous. They were feeding and there were groups circling and landing and taking off. I stood there mesmerized for a good long while. No fancy camera back in that day.


  3. Lovely photos, Gunta. The ones with the three reminded me of those iconic wall hung, ceramic flying ducks which were so popular in England in the 1950’s. My parents and most of their friends had them on the wall above the fireplace. You brought back childhood memories for me. 🙂


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