another day at the beach

This time the streaky clouds were the main attraction…and the surf was a bit livelier than usual…

I suspect that it’s the changing moods of the beach that keep me coming back for more.


21 thoughts on “another day at the beach

    • I’ve been pretty close most of the time… except for 14 years in Utah. I missed the sea, but the mountains were a pretty good substitute scenery-wise. What I really missed was good seafood.


    • Thank you ad… I have quite a few choices of beach nearby, but the one above is my favorite because of the sea stacks. It also has quite a few more people on it, plus other dogs. We’ve had a couple of bad (minor) dog encounters. But I’ve been sticking to this beach for now because of the many, many stairs to get down there. I can tell how I’m doing by how many times I have to stop to catch my breath on the way up. 😉


  1. And you have your seal-rock out there in the distance, too. I’ve grown rather fond of that one. Beautiful images, Gunta…easy to see why you keep going back to your favorite playground. 🙂


    • You got that right. It is my favorite playground. It’s more visually interesting because of the sea stacks, but it’s also a lot more popular with other folks, too. Generally there’s plenty of room for all, but I’ve had a couple of dog scuffles that have been annoying. I’m sticking to this beach for now because of the stairs. I’m so out of shape, I really NEED the exercise climbing. I’m improving with only one stop to seriously catch my breath. 😉


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