Bryce Canyon revisited

I just stumbled across some old travel slides from 1978. I know I didn’t do much justice to Bryce Canyon previously, so I thought I’d post them now. Approaching Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) going through Red Canyon in the Dixie National Forest. This is but a preview of what is to come.

Bizarre shapes and colors abound.


One of the natural arches…


Hoodoos Sunset Point where an early settler said it was a “hell of a place to lose a cow”.

Looking out toward Kodachrome Basin State Park (another far less visited area for exploration).

Heading out toward Hatch, Utah on the way to Zion National Park


36 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon revisited

    • It’s been a lot longer than that for me. I loved to visit that whole area (the Four Corners Region included) when I lived in Utah. These days I prefer exploring the NW Coast. Send pictures when you do go visit! 😉


  1. Wow, I can practically feel the dry heat of Bryce Canyon. We have some awesome hoodoo formations in New Mexico, too. Quite different from the geology and views of the Pacific Northwest coast!


    • I like my current location so much better these days. Nothing better than the cool misty feeling in my book. I know other folks complain about not having the warmer weather, but not me.


    • Amazingly enough nearly all of these shots were taken from roadside turnouts. My husband worked in this area one summer and I spent some time hiking the trails and that was another entirely different experience. Unfortunately that was during a spell when I wasn’t doing much photography.


  2. This brings back some good childhood memories! I need to take my own kids there, now. I’m sure Bryce especially will love it.(c:


  3. I saw pics like yours when my oldest sister went there but when I took the kids years ago, they made we walk down and my feelings about ti changed. Once down in amongst the rocks, the viewpoint is amazing…and almost worth the climb back up. *G*


    • I did a lot more exploring one summer when my husband was working on a project at Ruby’s Inn, but I wasn’t doing much photography at that time. For some reason Bryce has never been one of my favorites, but it seems there’s something for everyone’s taste in that region.


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