Weekly Photo Challenge: purple

This one was almost too easy… ย different shades of purpleDelphinium


Lobelia – Crystal Palace

Perennial Scabiosa


Agapanthus – Lily of the Nile


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: purple

  1. What gorgeous blue flowers. (Yes, I know they’re meant to be purple and everyone else sees them as purple but they are blue to me!) I grow agapanthus and I find they are popular with lots of bugs. Extra value!


    • To me the agapanthus and the lighter shade of lobelia aren’t quite a true blue, but simply a lighter shade of purple. It’s actually my favorite shade. From another perspective the shade could be called a periwinkle… or lavender blue. Whatever color you want to call them, I’m hoping you enjoyed the pictures.


    • PS The lobelia that are in the shade, toward the back (2nd to last photo) are closer to blue in my eyes. And, yes, the bugs are a bonus. Somewhere from last year I have a shot of the Scabiosa with at least two bugs on it. Got to say that the Agapanthus is one of my favorites though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I have a question about the “weekly challenge” – is it a challenge that you can meet by posting something on the theme, or is it a competition?


    • I think it’s just a nudge for folks if they’re running out of inspiration. The theme is posted by WordPress (the blog owners). It can also create more traffic to a blog as some folks add links to other challenge posts. Personally I’ve enjoyed the “challenge” to come up with something representing the chosen theme. It’s also interesting to check out unusual ways other folks respond. I suppose some might consider it a competition, but I just do it for fun. I did note someone commenting about how it ought to have more rules (photos taken the same week, yada yada), but I like leaving the whole thing open to interpretation.


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  4. Breathtaking, Gunta! You did it again! My favorite color too! Would love to have these in my gardens……………along with the African Daisies!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!


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