feathered catches

I was lucky enough to catch this brown pelican perched on a nearby rock…Then he took off…That wing span is pretty impressive.and graceful…I included this shot for a sense of scale to compare the pelican to the gull.


29 thoughts on “feathered catches

    • Picture this… I’m walking along the beach, watching the gulls flying around that rock and landing. I had almost walked past it when something landed on the end farthest from me. I looked back and caught a glimpse of a shape larger than the usual gull. I walked back to investigate and realized I had a chance to catch this one. I even had the right lens on and the camera at the ready. You can imagine the thrill after missing out on several other wonderful opportunities. And I only had to wait about four minutes for him to take off in flight. By the way, this was the same rock that was totally out of the water during the minus tide (remember where the youngster was standing staring out to sea?) This time it was high tide, so the rock was completely surrounded by water.

      Like you, I really liked that last shot in flight, but I got a kick out of what the surf was doing in the first flight shot, too. (click, click, click…) πŸ™‚


    • I’ve had them guys fly over me on several occasions and never seemed to have the camera ready. One time I had just climbed over the bank that leads to the beach and there were maybe a dozen of them skimming along the edge of the surf. Of course, I didn’t have the camera handy. I was so incredibly happy to catch this guy -and I almost missed him as I told newsy below.


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