into the mist

same beach, different day… ย again

there’s something almost mystical about the mist drifting in and out and around….

closest thing to walking in the clouds…


24 thoughts on “into the mist

  1. Seems it’s getting foggier as the summer progresses – must be some wonderful weather inversion you’re having. That second shot is just gorgeous, with the couple almost invisible in the fog, and the three guys in shorts having a merry old stroll and breezy conversation.


    • Actually…. the fog is pretty much our typical summer weather right on the coast. I’ve heard many complaints about the cold summers from so many visitors. Just a wee bit inland it was sunny and much warmer. Some of the best weather on the coast often comes in January and February – if you’re not partial to fog. Though all bets are off with the crazy weather patterns we’ve been experiencing lately.


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