a wonderfully sullen evening

We don’t often get thunder and lightning, much less rain this time of year… so I really enjoyed the storm that rolled in to give us a refreshing change of weather…the lights came on early in Bandon…the lighthouse under gray skies. It’s a pity it doesn’t have a functional light these days.I love this misty, stormy atmosphere, though I imagine there might have been some disgruntled vacationing tourists.The storm was rather unusual. It seemed to be stationary and hovered for several hours with thunder and flashes of lightening. Because of the cloud or fog cover, there weren’t any bolts to be seen… except out over the ocean, near the horizon. I will openly admit that I was too chicken to go outside on the cliff to attempt to catch a lightening bolt flashing out at sea. You’ll just have to imagine it! 😉and then the cows came home….


28 thoughts on “a wonderfully sullen evening

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    • Thanks ever so much Ms K… you do give me too much credit though. Can’t help but get amazing shots with the scenes I have surrounding me. But thank you. Your enthusiastic praise is much appreciated.


    • Sissy seems to have calmed down of late. She didn’t react much to the firecrackers and the thunder didn’t seem to bother her a bit. We had one rumble that was quite impressive and she looked up at me, but didn’t react much. Maybe she’s mellowing with age? She turned 4 just a couple of months back.


    • I miss more frequent thunder storms here, too. Then again, my mom lived in the thunder storm alley in Florida and I’m not sure I’m want them quite that wild either. Living in Utah, we used to have some spectacular shows of sheet lightning out across the desert. Have you ever seen it where the sky and clouds flash, but the lightning bolts don’t generally touch the ground.


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