the colors of today…

Some random snaps taken during the day turned out quite colorful…even this snail (there seems to be a never-ending army of these guys)…a leek that didn’t get harvested from last fall…  (hang in there, we’re building up to the color)is that a hint of yellow, or just wishful thinking on my part?I can’t get over this clematis…  a favorite shade of purplefound this guy on the car in the garage…  no idea what it is… a bit creepy looking.last, but not least, the sky put on a show on the way home tonight… wishing you all a beautifully colored day…


19 thoughts on “the colors of today…

    • I just can’t get over that wonderful clematis. I first tried planting one in Utah and it never made it. A second one here in Oregon also failed. This one is just going bonkers and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I could easily do without the snails. 😉


  1. We don’t have a garden, so I just admire the snails…not a common sight in that desert from my yesterdays. Very colorful post today…. No surf and sand? Wishing you well. 🙂


    • Oh, I could certainly send you a boxful of snails. When I first started hunting them, I could go out on damp nights and pick up literally dozens. Since then the numbers have gradually dwindled, but there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. They are rather cute, if they weren’t so damned destructive.

      Have had to head in the opposite direction (away from surf and sand) these last few days. Saturday is a regularly scheduled trip to the beach, but I may be trying to catch another minus tide come Sunday or Monday (depending on when I can manage to drag my sorry out of bed…. 😉 Wishing you lots more wonderful hikes up in them mountains…


      • I wasn’t suggesting that I needed more snails, just that I enjoy the ones that we do have here. 🙂

        And I’ll look forward to the surg and sand photos over the coming days then…and maybe some minus-tide shots if you can get your gravatar out of bed early enough. 🙂 Have fun on your journeys…and I will have wonderful times up in them mountains, too…thank you. 🙂


    • Thanks ad. No need for swatting. It was dead already. But I’m wishing I’d put something next to it for scale. It was HUGE… like a giant mosquito. I can’t seem to get over the clematis since it’s my first success after two dismal failures (different locations, with different climates).


    • Thanks… I can’t believe the number of snails I’ve ‘disposed’ of around here, yet there’s no end to them. But the texture was pretty interesting. Needless to say I check them toms at least several times a day. We had at least a week of warm temps and sunshine which produced that hint of yellow, but several days have been cloudy and overcast again. It’s a struggle out here getting them to turn red.


      • We have a small vineyard and every spring we have a battle with the snails. The locals habitually poison them but we aren’t prepared to do that – the song thrush population in these parts has been decimated by the practice and our chickens are free range. We walk up and down rows picking sacks of the blasted things. Next problem is what to do with them? I can crush one or two but in that number it would feel like genocide 😉 They get dumped in a big pile at the other side of the land and we trust that our research into the distance a snail can cover is correct and when they finally get back to the vines, the shoots will be big and un-tender 😀


        • I don’t like putting poison out because of Sissy and on general principle (like you suggested, the birds). I gather them up and toss them into empty plastic jars. Know what you mean about feeling like genocide, but I try not to think about that aspect of it. But being in the middle of a small town I wouldn’t feel right about dumping them elsewhere to become someone else’s problem. I think what amazes me most is the sheer never ending numbers of them.


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