meadows and approaching storms

A walk closer to home yesterday while the clouds came rolling in once more….

what is it that makes clouds look so fascinating and even a bit ominous?

but the meadow was still awash in color…

these two youngsters seemed to be enjoying the lush growth…

Uh oh… looks like I’ve been spotted…

a look at the clouds gathering over the hills before heading home. Today the skies are completely overcast, but it’s deliciously cool.


25 thoughts on “meadows and approaching storms

  1. Looking at the blog with Trey. I don’t think there was a single photo he didn’t have something excited to say about. But the “baby deers” were his favorite!


    • It might explain why I tend to stay pretty close to home. I do love this area for its beaches, mountains, trees and rivers and more. Something for every taste and mood.


    • Thanks, my friend. I loved the fawns, too. When I first spotted them they were nursing, but mom moved into the brush when I pointed the camera. The clouds have cooled things down here to an unusual 60 during a day in July.


    • Thanks Moriah! That pasture (actually a neglected lot on the far side of the highway) has been a great spot for dog romps and pics. They’ve talked of putting a Safeway there for as long as I’ve lived in this area (some 18 years now!) The last three shots (the fawns and distant hills) are from a hill above Coquille. Wish I had managed to put together a trip in your direction. The weather would have been perfect – at least it’s wonderfully cool down here.


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