summertime… and the livin’ is… well, foggy

I went to watch the blessed fog roll in this evening…Some of you may remember this same scene on a sunny day at low tide. The sea stack I named Sea Lion rock is way out in the water this evening and the cooling fog is rolling in to mute the sunset. No one getting up close and personal to the sea stacks this evening -except maybe the gulls and other sea life.Coquille River Lighthouse with a muted sunset…I recently discovered that the birds stand like this to warm their foot. How clever.…and I wonder if this counts as being “on leash”? 😉


22 thoughts on “summertime… and the livin’ is… well, foggy

    • Just about any day on the beach is good, though I’ll agree that foggy and misty is my preference. The only one I don’t enjoy so much is when there’s a strong wind blowing up a dust storm.


    • Yep… ocean, mountains, trees (lots of trees) and rivers…. I figure we just about have it all. Even deserts in Eastern Oregon for the folks who might crave them for unaccountable tastes. 😉 Though I suppose one might need a better definition of “nearby”? My beach is nearly in my back yard with only a twenty minute drive. Though I have to admit to thinking how nice it would be to live even closer to that fog.


      • And what a treasure to have your beach so close…like my mountains…I can see them from the backyard, but it’s 15-20 minutes to get into them and start hiking. Your locale does sound wonderful…and alluring…. 🙂


  1. Ms “G”….I love how the fog softens the sky…giving the effects of a fine water colour…..for me, there is nothing more beautiful and tranquil than scenes like these…the Gull shot made me smile…HOW do they manage to balance on, only one, of those tiny little legs?….Gulls are some of the most entertaining birds I’ve ever watched….the clowns of the sea. OBTW….no where I’ve ever seen, does it say the owner must be attached…to the


    • My thoughts exactly…. about the fog and the leash technicality. We certainly do seem to think along the same lines…. A friend suggested the other gull’s leg was merely tucked up out of sight. Can’t imagine where it could have been hiding? Luckily I don’t suppose a missing leg would impede flight much.


    • No… she wants nothing to do with any wet stuff. Weird! I thought her genes were originally a water retriever, but you wouldn’t know it from her aversion to water, or rain, or baths… 😉


      • Though, come to think of it, she did head out into some water in her excitement to chase some gulls one time and she paddled just fine… but she’s done her best to avoid a repeat of that episode.


    • It is strange indeed. I find it ever so fascinating. I also love it for cooling things down so well some 20 miles inland where I live. This time of year I appreciate it ever so much.


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