It’s been hot here. I know that’s really relative or subjective because the rest of the country would consider our temperatures wonderfully comfortable, but I’m a wimp and I’ve been struggling to cool the house down enough to sleep at night. Our climate is supposed to be moderate enough not to need air conditioning. Generally I would agree with that except when the fog isn’t up to the job of cooling things down in the evening. Like lately.Then there’s been the series of misfortunes that usually hit me in threes… Β with water problems and batteries going dead and — I’m still waiting for the third hit….

So, I may have posted the above picture before, but it’s a favorite I came across as I was searching for something/anything to post. That’s Sam on the left, drinking from the American River in the Sierras south of Lake Tahoe sometime around 1978. Sam was my very first dog. Nobie, his sister, watches to his right…

Just looking at that river makes me feel a wee bit cooler…. Β πŸ˜‰


30 thoughts on “desperation

  1. Sorry about your heat. I can’t complain in that way, no heat at all this year. The photo is wonderful, who could imagine it is such an old one. It is nice to remember old dog friends.


    • Luckily some of my old photos survived quite well, others not so much. I think the very first dog is something particularly special. πŸ˜‰

      The heat eased up a bit today. I’m happy!


  2. WOW…I agree with you Ms “G”…this one would definitely be on my favorites list too!!

    LOL…I am struggling with the same “heat issues” ….having been born and raised in the Southeastern part of the country….I know how oppressive the heat and humidity are, in other parts of the country….However, they have AIR CONDITIONING….unlike…. here in the Great Pacific Northwest…..

    When it’s 80+ outside here….our inside temps are miserable….and fans don’t cut it! So, I am with you…come on in sea breezes…clouds…fall or even winter!!!!


    • Apparently my muttering worked. The fans in the window drew in some of that foggy coolness and made the house quite comfortable. This morning is overcast and slightly cooler altogether, so looks like I won’t have anything to complain about (at least for a little while) ! πŸ™‚ Hope you had some comforting breeze up your way, too.

      Don’t know how anyone survives the southeast…. after retiring, my mom moved to Florida. Hated my visits there even in the winter! It was like living in a swamp.


    • Thank you so much, Scott. I think this land of ours has so many wonderful places. One just has to poke around and actually look for them. I think you would have liked the Sierras, too.


    • Oh yes…. there’s something about that very first dog. Plus Sam was such fun to have along on my trips. I remember one highway patrol stopping me for speeding across the Utah desert made me reach waaaaay out to take my ticket because Sam sat in the back seat and stuck his head out over my shoulder. (and before you ask… VWs really can go fast enough on flat ground to earn a ticket!) πŸ˜‰


  3. Glad to hear the fog came to your rescue. Here it’s the wind from the mountains we long for when it gets unbearable or a big stonking storm πŸ™‚ Sam & Nobie were beautiful – dogs playing in water, happy days. Fingers crossed it’s a small hiccup when and if it comes πŸ˜‰


    • I totally love mother nature’s natural air conditioning. Oh! you’re reminding me of another picture of Sam I might dig up during this time when I’m not doing much roaming around snapping new photos. Both Sam and Nobie were sled dog rejects. We had some neighbors who were quite serious about sled dog racing. They tried to get faster and better dogs every so often. Happily a friend and I were each given one of those lovely dogs. Sam rode in the back of my little VW bug on quite a few of my travels.


  4. Wow, this is an amazing shot, Gunta. Simply breathtaking!
    I hope it cools down for you soon & I hope the “third hit” is not a hit but a little tiny tap or something.


    • Thanks, Tahira! I seem to have been exceptionally lucky in some of the lovely places I’ve managed to live over the years. I’m actually feeling a bit sheepish for complaining about the heat since the lovely fog seems to be rolling in and bringing its cool with it.


    • They were great dogs. I’d have a hard time going back to the twice yearly shedding again, though. Sam had the icy blue eyes that were really stunning.


  5. I have stayed in the “Banana Belt” during this time of year. I agree, it can be so miserable. Due to the high humidity. Sending sea breezes your way.


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