closer to home…

With the sun coming out and the tourists increasing and the weather warming up, I’ve been sticking a lot closer to home these days… so I present to you the lovely colors of summerCalifornia poppies, so bright and cheerful… ย I love the way they light up fields and meadows all over California and Oregon. I had this poppy show up as a volunteer in my front yard. The picture doesn’t begin to do justice to the bright, sunny orange of this lovely flower.Then the Japanese Maple caught my eye. The wind was tossing the leaves around revealing the bright red underside.a pretty Cosmos….and finally a purple clematis looking pretty against a backdrop of blue sky.


18 thoughts on “closer to home…

    • Yes indeed! I do love the wildflowers as much as the formally cultivated ones in the garden! Your wildflower pictures are one of the many things I enjoy at your blog.


    • I think that first one (the poppies) is pretty close to the heart of every Californian. Just wish the pictures did the flower justice. I’ve yet to see a photo that captures the shine1


    • “Little bits of sunshine” is about the best description I’ve ever heard. That’s exactly what they are and even more so in real life. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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