Shore Acres

One of our lovely state parks with a formal garden situated on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific.View from Shore AcresA wild iris nestled along one of the pathsA bit more unusual is a yellow iris…Part of the more formal garden… this one caught my eye, but I wish more of the plants were labeled. I have no idea what this perky flower might be.I’ve always enjoyed the serenity of theΒ Japanese-style garden built around a 100-foot lily pond.Β I finally managed to catch the water lilies blooming, though I may have been a wee bit early yet. The plants seemed to be a bit tired of the delayed summer weather this year. I plan to revisit once we’ve had some warmer weather with more sunny days.Back home, one of my lilies is putting on quite a show. Maybe I should add a touch of white and blue…I plan to stick close to home for our Fourth of July celebration. Sissy isn’t any too fond of fireworks.


22 thoughts on “Shore Acres

    • Thank you ever so much, Bente… it is a beautiful garden, but I’ve seen it in much better shape. This weather has not really been kind to it. Some previous (gorgeous) rhododendrons were shot there earlier in the year.


  1. I believe those lovely red flowers are called Kalmia latifolia. An unimpressive shrub until it flowers, then wow.


    • Thank you Moriah…. I suspected if anyone was going to come up with a name, it might be you! I agree… wow! the photo doesn’t begin to do it justice.


  2. Superb photos, Gunta. Happy Independence Day to you. We usually stay close to home on public holidays too. Hope there aren’t any big bangs around you. I really don’t know why fireworks have to make a noise.


    • Thank you, my dear AD… and a Happy Wednesday to you! I think the smart thing to do when you’re retired is to stay close to home on the holidays. Let the working folks jostle with the masses πŸ˜‰ This summer we seem to be one of the very few allowing fireworks because most of the rest of the country is experiencing too much heat and dry conditions. Still waiting to hear back about the monolith (I think it’s been repaired, but I’m not 100% positive.)


    • Thanks! Sissy gets extra cuddles when the fireworks get going! I find them wrong on so many levels. I was at the vet’s today (minor ear itch) and they were gearing up for runaway, injured animals for tomorrow (actually today, by the clock) πŸ˜‰ Then again for me, the smoke doesn’t do wonders for my breathing. They are pretty to look at, but the noise, the smoke and the fire hazard just seem a bit much. Many states are outlawing them or canceling the big displays because of the dry conditions.


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