meadow stroll…

A bit of a drippy day here….Some may remember the lakes from last winter filled with ducks and geese and herons and egrets (never did get a good shot of them). THIS is what they look like now with their happy Organic Valley cows…   quite a change.The blackberry bushes tend to take over if allowed…but the berries are good to eat or make into jams and such… not quite ripe at the moment.Like I said – quite drippy..Awash in color…A favorite flower because it’s sweet and modest and useful…Can never remember the name of this one for some reason and it’s pretty similar to another with a different name.Accompanied by sparrow song…


19 thoughts on “meadow stroll…

  1. Beautiful photos, Gunta…love that clover blossom…were you laying in the wet grass to take that one…or just kinda scrunched down to get it? 🙂

    And I love that sparrow with the racing stripes on his helmet!


    • No, no laying in the wet grass (though I’d love to claim that much dedication)… I may have been a bit scrunched but the longer lens helped very much. As for the sparrow, love your naming it a racing helmet with stripes, it fits the image beautifully.


      • A bit scrunched? Ok. 😉 Good for you and your longer lens then…looks like so much fun. And aside from the incredible detail, the stripes on the little one’s head was what first struck me about it…looks just like a helmet. 🙂


    • Thank you, my dear… I keep thinking it is indeed Queen Ann’s Lace, but there’s another flower that’s very similar and I can’t think of the name, so can’t look it up. Google only goes so far…. 😉


    • I love drippy summer days because they’re somewhat unusual. We mostly seem to have two seasons. Wet and dry, with pretty much moderate temperatures year round.


  2. We are both tuned in to the future fruits and ferments. Rain in June?! Just gotta shake it off and look forward to the fruits and veggies. Love the sparrow picture too.


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