Simpson Reef

On a clear day…Sunlight sparkling on the water…Sea lions cavorting on the reef…Here you can see the difference between the sea lions (near the top of the photo) and the harbor seals (at the bottom). The sea lions have longer flippers and, out of the water, they propel themselves with the flippers. The harbor seals have little short flippers, so on land they move around with a flopping motion (not exactly graceful looking and slower than the sea lions.) They are much more agile once in the water.A closer look at a harbor seal… Β he was eyeing me somewhat skeptically.Looking north from Cape Arago…Looking south toward Bandon…Rocky beach with clear blue water… not a climb I’d want to attempt. Once there, our waters are generally pretty cold. If you’ve noticed in previous pictures of the beach, there isn’t a whole lot of sun bathing or swimming going on. Generally kids are the only ones willing to do more than just a bit of wading. Which suits me just fine. Baking in the sun for more than a few minutes is utterly tedious and boring in my opinion. The tropics have never called to me.


22 thoughts on “Simpson Reef

  1. These are so beautiful…they are ALL my favorites….great work Gunta!! .Ms “G” we are going to have to schedule a photo shoot sometime before the end of summer…(that is…IF….summer ever gets here)


    • Thank you my dear Ms K…. we seem to get a few days of summer in alternating cycles every now and again. I keep toying with the idea of heading up north, just haven’t put it into action just yet.


    • I don’t know what it is, but seeing a creature in the wild is one of my favorite experiences. The seals are really fun because they seem to be so playful.


    • Thank you, Daniel! (just found your comment in the spam folder – NO idea why?) But very glad I did discover it. I am thoroughly enjoying your essays. Couldn’t agree more!!!


        • I was more than happy to rescue you from the other tacky things I generally find in there! I think I tend to favor sunlight reflecting off the water quite a bit (whenever I happen to find it). I may even go back and tag some of the older stuff “reflections” – of course that could also apply to the stuff you do so well.


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