These pictures pretty much speak for themselves…  one of my favorite subjects 😉I managed to sneak in pretty close while they squabbled over what looked like a crab. Near as I can tell, these are California Gulls… (oops, I stand corrected: these are more likely Herring Gulls because of the pink legs.)


20 thoughts on “gulls…

    • The story is a bunch of hungry feisty gulls… they were so much fun to watch and snap. You’re lucky I didn’t subject you to all forty some shots I clicked.


  1. Great shots – they are such fun to watch when they’re fighting over food. We’re a bit nervous of seeing them on the beach when we arrive with our dogs as they think it’s such a great game to scare them up. They’re getting much better at resisting these days as the real business of the beach has revealed itself – whiffs and sniffs and rolling in unspeakable things!


    • Sissy has become quite blasé about the gulls… there’s always so many of them. One time she encountered a whole batch of little sand pipers and they didn’t fly up and away from her, they just skimmed the edge of the water out ahead of her. That was the one time it was a bit difficult to get her to come back to me. But we were just beginning to work on the come command back then. 😉


    • Two questions come to mind… how could you tell it belonged to a seagull and do you have gulls where you live? No baby gull to go with it? I cheated, that’s actually three questions.


    • The fourth shot (with the four of them marching in step) makes me laugh every time I see it. They are too funny. The reflections are a bonus on the wet sand.


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