Minus tide treasures

Tide pools with life forms revealed only during low tides.Sea starI’m no expert, so I can’t name these for you…Here you can clearly see the different tidal levels where each particular intertidal species thrives.


25 thoughts on “Minus tide treasures

    • If you’re asking about the orange and red colored creatures… those are sea stars (used to be called starfish, but they’re not fish). They’re not very big… about the size of a man’s hand. They mostly just eat mussels, mollusks, clams, snails and such. The rocks are definitely not coral reefs (which remain submerged all of the time). These are found in the intertidal zone where they survive cycles of being underwater during high tide and then exposed to sun and drying wind during low tides. Pretty amazing creatures, really.


    • I’m trying to learn more about these life forms. They are pretty fascinating, surviving some pretty extreme conditions alternating between pounding surf and blazing sun beating on them, drying everything out. The adaptations are quite amazing.


    • I love that beach of mine in all its moods. No, I didn’t grab any mussels, though I did see a couple of guys who looked like they might have. I had enough to juggle with the dog and the camera. Used to be the point and shoot fit in a pocket. The new one needs a bit more care, but I’m finding it well worth it.


    • If you’re interested, the Wiki-link I provided tells you about how these creatures survive some pretty extreme conditions. Much of the time they are pounded by the surf, but then during minus tides (extreme low tides) they are exposed to bright sunlight. I find them fascinating.


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