Coquille Point

between Face Rock and Table Rock (neither of which show in this post)A boy and the sea…the ubiquitous gulls…the end of a long summer day…the gulls probably have a fantastic view….continuing to watch the show…an appreciative audience…hiding behind a bit of clouds…almost gonemoments before the cloud bank obscured the ending.


22 thoughts on “Coquille Point

  1. Damn, those are beautiful!! I absolutely love that first shot…stunning is a proper word for it…the little figure of innocence and fragility juxtaposed against the mighty waves and rocks…wow….


    • Thank you, as always! The strange thing was that I didn’t initially recognize the potential of this one. It was one that eventually grew on me. There’s the little figure against the might of the sea….. but there’s something about the body language that seems to add to the scene.


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