Love letters in the sand

I do hope you’re not getting tired of this same old beach, but I can’t seem to stay away….Popular beach activities…

(a bit of HDR might have been good here, but I’ve yet to decide if it’s worth the bother or the spendy software)

A better look at what they’re up to…

Movin’ on…

and soon the tide will wash it all away… nothing lasts forever.


21 thoughts on “Love letters in the sand

    • I thought so, too. I’m still thinking it was a honeymoon happening there. Bandon seems to be a favored spot for newlyweds. Though it could have simply been young love. 😉


  1. “…but the earth and sky…” 🙂

    I’m not particular to people shots, but I do enjoy how the humans in these add perspective to the magnitude/enormity of the rocks and the scale of the waves washing up onto the beach…..

    And no, I’m not tired of your beach. 🙂


    • I’ve noticed that it’s really hard to grasp the sheer size without something to compare it to. Nice of them folks to provide that. 😉 (and the gulls, too)

      Did not consciously pick up on the Kansas lyrics…. nor did it register how appropriate that seemed to the shots. Thanks for providing the association.


      • I have noticed that “perspective” thing when one of my sons goes hiking with me…I can take pictures of the mountainside that I’m climbing, or a mountain meadow among peaks and ridges and then get home and think they don’t look so grand…but when one of my sons is hiking with me and is in the photograph, it becomes strikingly clear how huge the elements of the scenery are…amazing….


    • Coming from you, I consider that high praise indeed! Then again I can’t quite take credit for the location or the fact that the couple happened to be there doing what they were doing. It’s all about timing and opportunity, isn’t it?


  2. These are awesome….I love the “letters in the sand”….the log in the foreground looks like a writing pen….I love how the water squares off…the writing surface…..nice work Ms G….


    • Thank you ever so much… I suppose it shows how much I love my beaches. Coquille Point (between Table Rock and Face Rock) seems to have the more interesting sea stacks, but it’s a lot more popular and there are ocasional run ins with other dogs.


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