same beach, different day

I adore the changeable weather we are experiencing. I remember the old saying from my days in New England: “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a moment.” Just a few days after the last visit to Coquille Point in Bandon, I was in the area again, so I couldn’t resist another stroll. Same beach, though maybe not the exact same spot. At 1:24 PM, the weather is a bit different, but not radically so. (Click HERE to see what it looked like three days earlier at 3:21 PM – that day was a wee bit brighter, the tide was a bit lower). But then…At 1:35 PM (just 11 minutes after the previous shot), the fog came rolling in. I’ve never experienced this radical change happening so swiftly. (It’s nice that the camera tracks the actual time the shots were taken.)Less than five minutes later (1:39 PM) the sea stacks disappear in the mist. There’s even a surfer out there -undaunted, if you want to look closely.A closer look at his struggle to find any sort of reasonable wave…A final shot at 1:56 PM before leaving.


15 thoughts on “same beach, different day

    • Oh I totally believe it. Pretty soon we’ll be getting a stretch of a month or two of sunnier and warmer days and I’ll be missing the cooling fog and mist.


    • We call it dressing in layers. Easy enough to take away or pile on. I always keep a jacket and wooly cap in the car. Luckily this area isn’t into much high fashion. 😉 Equally amazing is that the weather changes can happen geographically, too. Less than a mile from that foggy beach the sun was shining and I had to strip off the hoody.


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